Dear David!

You did a email Reading for me about 3 months or so ago, and I was wandering if could you please ad this to your testimonies section of your website.

Firstly can I just say much apologies for not writing you this sooner. But there was a reason for that. The Reading said that

– You saw that I was going to have a lot of arguments with women over the next coming weeks and months.
– You also said I would have a job coming in to my life that I did not really expect or go looking for, but would come with a contract.
– Then you said that I would soon meet a very vicious woman who should be avoided at all costs.
– Also you mentioned that Chris would contact me again one day.
– And also that there would be a pregnancy coming soon which would be very close to me.

I have spent a fortune on Readings from psychics on the internet, and they usually fill you full of false hopes and promises of stuff that NEVER comes threw and you always feel like you’ve been totally conned! And ‘I CANNOT BELIEVE I’M SAYING THIS’ but, a few weeks after your Reading David, would you believe I actually met the ‘very’ woman you were talking about, then for the next -6 weeks I found I kept getting into unwarranted arguments with ‘WOMEN’ just as you said, then about three weeks ago my brother Paul phoned me up and said his girlfriend might be pregnant and their waiting for results!

If that wasn’t enough to convince me, two more things that you predicted happened as well about a week ago I have found (NOT A JOB I WAS LOOKING FOR) but a well paid one that comes with ‘a CONTRACT’ ‘just as you said. But most importantly of all and the reason why I just had to write to you to let you know, two nights ago CHRIS contacted me!!! just as you said he would!!! David I really don’t know what to say to your amazing ACCURACY!! except thank you so much for your honesty and advice, it is a GOD-SEND to finally find a psychic on the web that is NOT just trying to get your money by feeding you a lot of rubbish. David I will contact you again soon perhaps this time for a phone-Reading (as I am itching to know more about this tall, dark haired gentleman you also mentioned as well.)
God Bless you.