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David Charles Psychic Ltd. 

The U.K.’s leading and most loved  Psychic. I am the sole owner of Stardust Spells UK registered trademark.

With almost 300 genuine testimonials here on this website. No other psychic or spell caster in the world or on the Internet has anywhere near as many!

My TikTok channel has over 247,000 followers, with over 22 million hits. My YouTube channel also has almost 23,000 subscribers. If you choose to pay for any of my services using PayPal, you will be offered free credit to spread your payments and help you along the way. 

You can call me today on BT 01409 240025 

Stardust Spells ® UK

David Charles, Dhp., Fhrs., Chp.

David Charles Psychic Ltd.

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Established in 1988 by David Charles Dhp., Fhrs., Chp.

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Stardust Spells ® UK registered trademark is a subsidiary of :-

David Charles Psychic Ltd.