To anyone who is thinking of contacting David – I promise you, he is the best!

I first asked David to cast me a spell over a year ago when I was going through a legal dispute and suffering with depression and really needed some help – shortly after the dispute was resolved favourably which enabled me to start to work on my health.

This year my son needed to be moved to a private school as he needed specialist one to one support. Being a single mum it really wasn’t completely affordable. I asked David for a money spell within a short period of time I was able to increase my income slightly to cover my financial commitments.

Over a period of time I have had several readings from David. A couple of months ago he told me a close friend would tell me they were pregnant in the next few days. Two days later my best friend who lives abroad told me she was expecting her first baby. Spoke to David last night and he told someone else I know is also pregnant and guess what had an email this morning from the same friend who told me another of our friends has just found out she pregnant too! (please note: I was completely unaware either was trying for a baby).

The rest of what David has told has all happened but if you don’t mind that’s personal to me ?

Really, if you have found David information, trust your instincts and go with them – I was a little sceptical when I first contacted him but 18 months on I am so glad I did!

To David – thank you so much.

With love and best wishes, Stephanie x