Regular client from Scotland

The psychic JJ was a very good psychic which left the company unfortunately.

I don’t know if she left the company or if it was something else but JJ is not the type of psychic that anyone would come across usually because her ways of carrying out readings were totally different than other psychics I came across before in my past.

David Charles psychic readings are very good as well.

I don’t come across many good psychics.

I have spoke to many psychics in the past but my experience with all of them was rubbish because I have never found anything useful and they just did talking.

No psychic is the same as David Charles or JJ.

JJ had her own customised cards for her readings not just any regular ones and JJ was very detailed and spoke a lot which I enjoyed rather than most psychics who make me speak more and don’t speak unless a question is asked. Most psychic readers I notice are generic like yes or no for example people can listen to Sally Morgan who I think is generic and all you can hear her say is yes or no rather being detailed or honest.

As for when I spoke to David Charles no psychic reader matches that category.

As for when I also Spoke to JJ I noticed that no other psychic is the same as her.

So in my understanding I will say is JJ was one of the best in the industry.

David Charles readings and JJ reading style are something separate than what I have experienced in the past with other psychics who didn’t help me with anything.

JJ will always be missed because her talents were great ones.

I just wish JJ was back in the company again to carry out readings again.

I don’t want my full name on the website apart from the name Hassan something like MR Hassan I think should be okay.