Rebecca Martin – Middlesborough

Dear spell caster I am sending this letter to you to say thank you for your help with my love life. My long-term boyfriend Mark left me after we had been bickering and arguing for several months. We have a little boy together and he didn’t even bother to contact him or to help me financially.

I found out that he was living the life of a bachelor and nightclubbing with his friends most weekends.

I also knew that he was back living with his parents. I believed that Mark had still got some feelings for me and so in desperation I decided to buy your return your lover spell, although I kept this to myself as I did not want to spoil the effects of your magic. Within days Mark was on the telephone telling me how much he loved me and begging me to give him another chance.

Thanks to you, David we are now back together and more love than ever. I will never hesitate to buy one of your spells again if I experience any problems in my future. You are very special and I send my heartfelt thanks to you.