Hi David,
I hope you remember me, because I am so thankful for the blessings you sent me-one for my daughter, and you did one for me for luck. I truly think you are amazing and i just wanted to thank you again. Since I was fortunate to find your beautiful site and speak to you My luck has changed so much. I never used to win anything and since you helped me I have won some of my lost money back in which before I never could win anything. Now I am able to help my daughters and my animals and donate to a few humane societies and am not so worried all the time about money. I never won anything, but since I was blessed by you, I have won a few jackpots. Its not a fortune, but I never was greedy to win huge amounts, just enough to pay my bills and not be so sad every time I go out with my friends and everyone wins except me. It seems you have lifted the negative energy that was always around me so thank you so much once again. I just can’t thank you enough. If I can ever do anything for you I am here. I am trying to figure out how I can write something nice for you but I can’t seem to get to it on your website in which the pictures are absolutely beautiful. Bless You always and you are so kind and amazing. Thank you again.
Pam Bell