Hi David,

Thank you for my reading. I am a great believer in the spirit world and am pleased I have found you. I found your reading very interesting, other psychics have also picked up my apparent psychic ability so I feel I should try to look further into this to harness healing or spiritual powers. My mum also has psychic ability and has benefitted from visual experiences of her own. You also picked up on a possible caring profession for the future, ironically I have considered nursing and plan to visit a university for Open Day Nursing Event. I am particularly interested in nursing those that are terminally ill. I will let you know how I get on!

You also summed up how I feel with my personal life i.e I really don’t know where I am headed!!!!! I hope I make the right decision at the time that will lead me to peace and happiness. Right now I find life totally unfulfilling and lacking in the love dept. I sometimes wonder if I would be better on my own. We’ll see.

Love to you,
Nicky x