Miss A.F. Basingstoke

I had to send this letter to you for your testimonials page because I just cannot believe what has happened to me recently. After years of feeling jinxed and cursed with bad luck I decided to purchase your (year of good luck spell).

Within two days of completing my order everything seemed to change for the better. I had a call from my ex boyfriend and we are now seeing each other again and things are looking very good in that department. The very next day I was offered a major part in a leading London show after many auditions without success.

I am now even feeling lucky and much more positive about life. My future is looking much more rosy now thanks to you, David. I apologise for not giving you my name, but I am quite well known in the showbiz world and I would like to keep this a secret so as not to spoil things. Thank you once again so very much.