I found the reading interesting, and a little surprising!. You certainly didn’t use telepathy with my reading, as what you’ve told me, wasn’t in my mind. And yes, it’s been most helpful, thank-you.

My perception can be quite good at times, and I had felt that (the man in question) to have genuinely liked me, and didn’t think he was in contact with anyone else as I felt (perhaps he had me to believe this) that he was lacking a little in self confidence and that he wasn’t very able to open up to, or get going, so to speak, with many people, and I somehow thought that I was special to him in this way. Perhaps I was wrong. I will certainly think on, what you have told me.
I’am not really in the habit of consulting clairyvoyants, but if in the near future I feel the need to have a general fuller reading, or with any other matter, concern, problem, then I will most certainly think of YOU to consult.
Thanks again!

Yours sincerely.
Katherine x