Hi David,
Just wanted to do an update testimonial for the work spell you cast for me.
Work offers came flooding in within two days, some for the types of jobs that I wanted and some for jobs that were financially more beneficial. The job that I ended up taking was a balance of the two. The job in itself didn’t work out as well as expected but this was actually a positive. It wasn’t in the field that I wanted to be working in but I thought I would gain extra skills when I took it and the money was good. It turned out that what it has done is raised my earning potential in the long term and I am now being offered the jobs in the field that I want to be in but at a higher salary…it’s funny how you need to sidestep sometimes to get to where you need to be. So although it wasn’t the perfect job it has certainly worked in my favour and over the long term rather than just the short term. The universe has its own ideas about our higher good and it knows better than we do I think.
Many thanks again and very best wishes