Dear David

thank you for my reading which I found very interesting and it has lifted me and given me hope and something to look forward to, the two men you mentioned could both be Andre as he is kind and loving and loyal but we have been taking it slow and he I do believe he has been badly hurt in the past as you predicted and you was right that I have also, also Andre works in accounts and finance, and if he is the man you saw he is 5 ft 11 in and of mixed race, very short shaved dark hair.

I will let you know if we meet in the next few weeks as you said as we have not for a while as he is a workaholic and I believe this is his way of shutting everything out because of being hurt, his safe haven kind of.

I will allow myself to go forward with this man and I do believe I am falling in love with him as you said and will wait and see what happens in June and December.

I have four children and yes a baby in spirit that I miscarried, I would of hoped to of had a child with Andre in the future as he has no children but maybe, maybe not

thank you ever so much for my reading and i will be calling for a phone reading within the next few weeks.
you are fantastic and have made my day.
please let me know you got this reply
speak soon take care
and once again thank you from the bottom of my heart Cindy xx