Andrea – Bermuda

David – you won’t believe this…well, actually you will! I have chills right now.

I ordered a spell from you last week. I’m unemployed but thankfully my husband has a job. Nevertheless, we had fallen WAY behind on our rent-to the tune of $16,000. We have a really patient landlord who knows I’m out of work so he has been bearing with us but I didn’t know how long that would last.

I had a pension built up from my one of my previous jobs-money that I’m not allowed to touch until I’m 65. However, our Government just recently passed a law saying that money can be withdrawn for specific financial hardships including rent arrears-but there’s a cap on it. I checked with the pension commission here and in my case, the most I would be allowed to withdraw for rental arrears is $8,000.

I was somewhat happy with that but it was only half of what I needed.

ANYWAY…to make a long story short my landlord just knocked on my door and said that he knows we’re having a hard time and that he was thinking about us and decided to write off more than half our arrears. He handed us a letter saying that we owe $6,000 and not $16,000. He’s written off $10,000! Of course that also now means that the $8,000 I’m able to get will be sufficient to cover the entire arrears and not just half of it.

I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’m sitting here looking at this letter he gave us saying he’s writing this money off in disbelief. He didn’t just tell us-he’s actually given us written proof and I have it right here in my hand.

Sorry for the length of this, but there is no way that this is coincidence – NO WAY. I just can’t, can’t believe this. I really can’t. I’m speechless. There’s no doubt that this is because of you – NO DOUBT. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just know there’s more to come, David. My God, I’m just in shock here – just total shock!!!