I got a spell from David five years ago at a low point in my life-without a job, worried about paying bills, keeping a roof over my head, etc. I ordered a spell and literally within a week saw results, with my landlord writing off my debt to help me and eventually landing a job I loved.

I found myself back at this spot again with being made redundant a few months ago. I was like “Why does this keep happening?” and was really down but remembered David. I ordered another spell and expected results within a week again. When that didn’t happen, I admit I started to feel despondent and think that maybe the first time was a fluke, started to lose faith in David and his abilities and just overall feel depressed. What I now know is that you have to be patient and have faith and this WILL work. Actually, it must work whether you believe or not but maybe belief makes it work faster?

After a month, things started happening by meeting someone with similar goals to myself-a really lovely person who I felt a kinship with immediately who had contacts and said he’d get to work on getting the ball rolling on us starting a business. Even then, I had my doubts. Then finally, three days ago I got my breakthrough and the opportunity to be my own boss by going in partnership with this person in opening my own store-I will be solely responsible for it and he’d basically be my silent partner. I have all the control and will run it as I like with this person having found a storefront already fitted out with what we need at a LOW price in a rent-controlled building. I have lots of friends and family eager for our opening (and willing to spread the word-free advertising!) which I anticipate for mid-September and am so excited! I can control my own destiny and steer my own path.

Don’t wallow in depression and don’t lose faith. David can and WILL help you. It may happen in a day, a week, a month or a couple of months but it WILL happen for you. I have been looking for an ideal reasonable storefront and thinking about opening my own business since January with NOTHING-nada (rents were outrageous, leads didn’t pan out, etc.). Then I order the spell and an opportunity drops in my lap? There is no way that’s a coincidence. I am going to be so busy but I am so looking forward to it. Also, like last time, I think things will get better and better. I thought losing my job was the end of the world but even that must be part of the bigger plan because I don’t think I would have been motivated to start my own business had that not happened. All that wasted stress and depression when it all worked out in the end.

Thank you AGAIN, David. You really are the best and I hope the world sees that.


P.S. For those who are religious and scared of these kinds of things, I believe that these gifts come from God. While I was in my low stage waiting on results, I just saw a scripture written-Exodus 14:14. I looked it up and it reads: ‘The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.’ In other words, God will take up the fight and work for you, you just need to be patient and wait for it to happen.