Hi David

Thank you so much for the reading, it was amazingly accurate, as you say probably not what I wanted to hear, but hand on heart I have to be honest and say you’re right.

I split up with the person I believe is my soul mate several years ago, circumstances made things very difficult for us, and he wanted us to keep in touch but I couldn’t deal with that and had to make a clean break. I still think about him every day, and I still love him with all my heart and miss him so much. I’ve always believed that I will see him again before my life on the earth plane comes to an end.

You were right about the tears – the past few days have been particularly difficult for me, but I know that things will get better. That’s mainly the reason I asked for the e-mail reading, I didn’t think I could manage a telephone call. I go to work and out and about, and no one knows how I’m feeling but it’s a different matter entirely when I’m at home on my own.

Regarding the move abroad, I don’t plan this to be imminent – I have certain ties here and have no control over the circumstances, which affect when I’d be able to go, so you’re probably right on that one as well. I think one of my reasons for wanting to go is because I feel the need to go somewhere for a fresh start, where I have no unhappy memories and I can begin again with a clean slate.

As for the “love going out but not coming in”, I feel like I’ve been separated emotionally and spiritually from a lot of people I was close to, not particularly anyone’s fault, but people change over time and we all need different things from relationships. I’ve feel like I need to withdraw and sort myself out just now, and have done for a while. I don’t think this is necessarily the best thing for me to do, but on the other hand I don’t feel I should spend too much time with people I don’t feel synchronised with.

To be truthful I asked the last question because I don’t know what it is I want just now. I know what I don’t want, but we can all do that – it’s making the effort to do something about it that’s hard and I don’t feel like I have the energy or the motivation at present, but I also know I’m the only person who can do something about it. Maybe this will give me the kick start that I need!

Thank you for the reading – I appreciate your honesty and kindness.
Take care, I wish you love, light and kindness
Amy xxx