A, Dosaj

David Charles is the most powerful man in the world. David has done curse removals & rituals for me all were very successful.
Within the first day of David doing the Curse removal or ritual I got relief. What I am fighting is a woman who is very powerful she calls herself the Master of Evil spirits this woman throws curses to me so far going back 5 years ago all men refused to challenge this woman who is well known throughout UK & India the men were frightened that if they threw this powerful woman’s curses they would end up in hospital themselves but David is only one in the world challenging this evil woman who calls herself the Master of evil spirits.
David succeeds with every curse she throws on me to get very ill this woman who says she is an expertise in the world of magic no one can beat her but she is very wrong I am still fighting as when David throws her curse I get relief immediately for weeks for months she then throws a few curses back to me to make me ill. This is the world of magic this woman targets me without a motive & David has indeed saved my life in helping me to throw the curse back to the source